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Catla fish it's also called as Bocha, katla likewise many. Catla mainly found in South Asia and it is born in rivers  because it is fresh water fish. It is native of India and  also available in river flows like Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan as well. Catla Fish (Online) is available with us, order online. Often confusion raises between Catla and Rohu depending on the size and color. We accept orders through phone call or reach us on Whatsapp. Our concern team will get back to you shortly based on the requirement. We deliver Catla fish online in Vijayawada so, before placing an order view our delivery locations.

About the fish:

Catla it contains broad head with a big jaw and the eyes which always open. The eyes of the fish is also won't be normal. They were protected with thin layer. Bellow back side of jaw fish have the teeth two left and two right, bottom of teeth fish having heart in size of nano and it is in a shape of triangle. The growth period of Catla fish is 6-12 months.

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Catla consists of 6 fins two below the head, two lower part of stomach, one will be at top of the fish and the other at below tail. Catla fish completely covered with scales but some part of the head which is not.


When compared to rohu or rava fish catla will have fewer thorns. The thorns are enlarged in size & it depends on the fish size.

Fish will have less fat and high protein, fish is filled with omega'3 with fatty acids and vitamin D. Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and great source of minerals such as iodine, magnesium and potassium.

Catla Fish Nutrition Value:

Benefits of Catla Fish:

  1. Fish is a naturally consists of low fat which is helpful for heart.

  2. Omega'3 fatty acids extremely important for proper function of the brain. 

  3. Omega'3 fatty acids will also improvise the eye site.

  4. Fish can much leaner and lower calories source of protein than  meet.

Catla Fish Online Price in Vijayawada (For 1Kg):

Generally, price varies from location to location. We have segregated the price in two categories based upon the market i.e. stored catla fish & live catla fish. Catla fish price online in Vijayawada (for 1Kg) is stated below:

  1. Stored Catla Fish price varies from 170-200 per kg/- (approx).

  2. Live Catla Fish varies from 200-220 per kg/- (approx)

Note: Know latest Catla Fish Price in India.

Why to order Catla Fish from us?



We believe that fresh water fish without any chemicals is good for your health. So, we always maintain fresh water for fishes to be healthy.

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The utmost parameter in any business industry is Quality. We won’t compromise on quality because customer satisfaction is prominent for us.



We have 15+ years experience in fishing industry. We strongly believe what our customers are looking for & we promise the same.

FAQ's from our customers

1. Is Catla Fish good for health?

Absolutely it is good for health. It consists less fat which is helpful for heart. Fish contains a much leaner and lower calories source of protein than meat.

2. Is Catla a bony fish?

Catla is not a bony fish. It will have large thorns, where we can easily remove and eat.

3. Is Catla Fish tasty?

Fish normally is tasty, technically it will become so tasty when it got cooked in proper manner.

4. Does Catla Fish contain mercury?

Yes, Catla Fish contain mercury.

5.Which food is good for weight loss?

Fish is good for weight loss. Generally, doctors suggests consuming it thrice a week as they have huge vitamins.

6. Is Katla fish good for pregnancy women?

Yes, Katla contains less throwns when compared to Rohu. We request you to get a proper suggestion from your personal family doctor & it depends on nature of the body.