Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know if fish is fresh?

The simple logic to identify whether it is fresh fish or not is the fish gills should be reddish- pink and scales should be bright with a sheen.

2. What is the difference between Gross Weight and Net Weight?

Gross Weight: Net Weight:

3. Is Kishore live fish available across all the cities in Hyderabad & Vijayawada?

No, we’re not available.

4. How do I place my order?

You can place the order from official website.

5. What is fish quantity (Small, Medium, Large & Extra-large) at Kishore live fish?

To make your shopping hassle-free we have segregated fish quantity in 4 segments i.e SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE & EXTRA-LARGE. When you select SMALL two options are enabled i.e 500gm-750gm & 750gm-1000gm & so on..


1. What are the various mode of payments?

We have two payment methods i.e. Manual Payment and Online Payment via Debit/ Credit card.

2. Is shopping at secure?

Yes we have received the Global SSL certification that ensures all the payments with us are secure

3. Transaction money was deducted, but I didn’t get the order confirmation.

Generally this issue is from bank server side, where the funds are held up. Typically, you should get an automatic refund within 72 hours

4. Haven’t received my refund amount for online payment.

Once the refund process is initiated, the amount will be refund within 7 business days.

Order & Delivery

1. Do we accept bulk orders?

Yes, we accept bulk orders. Reach us on: 8639704872

2. Can I place the order over on phone?

Yes you can place the order over phone but, you need to pick the order from store & make the payment.

3. Can I pre-book my order?

Yes, you can pre-book the order from 07:30 am to 02:00pm & 06:00pm to 08:00pm. Once we accept your order you’ll receive an email to the registered account.

4. I haven’t received my order confirmation email?

Your order confirmation email is sent to email address linked to Kishore Live Fish immediately after placing an order. If you do not receive it, please check junk or spam folder.

5. What is the delivery time after placing my order?

The minimum delivery time after placing an order would be around 40-45 minutes and delay may be due to other factors such as location and traffic.

6. How to cancel my order?

To cancel your order

Login/ Signup/ Cart

1. Do I need to create an account before ordering?

We request our customers to create the account. If you can spare 2 minutes to create an account you can view your past orders, present order status and many more.

2. I have added the product to the cart but, it is not reflecting. What to do?

If you’re facing the issue kindly refresh the page.

3. When I have selected the fish quantity and weight again I’m unable to change the options. What I have to do?

If you want to change the fish quantity options(drop-down menu) kindly refresh the page all the options will be enabled.

4. Should I add quantity once I have selected the fish quantity and weight?

Once you have selected fish quantity and weight, again no need to select the quantity. Check the cart before placing an order

5. How to create account with Kishore Live Fish?

You can create an account with Facebook/ Sign up with Google/ Sign up with email.