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Have you ever tasted prawns? When they are cooked properly the taste of them is yummy. These are usually grown in freshwater. They are cultivated under monoculture as well as polyculture systems. Under monoculture systems production levels of 750-1,500kgs of prawns were achieved. Prawns are a great source of vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2 & B3 which helps our body to produce energy, build muscles and to replenish RBC. You can order fresh prawns online in Vijayawada from us at today's market price. If it is above 1Kg or else you can visit our shop/ store to pick the product.

About prawns:

The farming of freshwater prawn has developed rapidly during recent years. The freshwater prawn second-largest prawn growing across commonly in Indian rivers. Further, it is a compatible species for polyculture along with Indian Major carps. Which may yield 400kgs prawns and 3,000 kgs carps. Since the seed requirement for the commercial farming of this species is not met from the natural resources, large scale seeds production under the controlled condition for year-round supply is extremely important. The prawn production in India accounts for about15% of the total world production of prawns.

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We find a lot of different prawns across Indian, prawn is a common name used to indicate shrimp. These shrimps found in all type of water body throughout the rivers and lakes but it differs in shape. Few have long legs, few have short. Some species live near the shore, hiding in mud or sand, or in crevices of the stones. Some others swim about in groups in deep, cold water. They are grey, white, brown or pink colored. Some have bands over the body some have spots. Some prawns are red, yellow, green and blue in color. Some species can change color to match the surroundings.

Prawns Nutrition Value:

Benefits of Prawns:

  1. Nutrients: They’re high in protein & low in carbohydrates and contain little fat. When they are included in your diet they produce energy & increase muscle power.

  2. Minerals: As they are grown in freshwater they contain huge minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and copper. The mineral that remains throughout the year is calcium.

  3.  Vitamins: Prawns contain 6 to 7 vitamins which are very useful for our health i.e vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2 & B3.

  4. Fatty acids/ Omega3 fatty acids: As the prawns contain omega 3 fatty acids they reduce the risk heart attack.

  5. With high amount of cholesterol in prawns you can gain weight.

Today Prawns Price in Vijayawada (For 1Kg):

The online price of (1kg) prawns which are peeled and deveined after cleaning is 275-350/-. The 1Kg prawns price in Vijayawada vary on the size of the prawns i.e. SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE.

A. The price of the 1kg SMALL prawns varies from 275-290/-;

B. MEDIUM PRAWNS price varies from 290-320/-

C. LARGE prawns vary from 320-340/-.

Note: It depends on the other factors such as location & demand. 

Why order Prawns from us?



We believe that fresh water fish without any chemicals is good for your health. So, we always maintain fresh water for fishes to be healthy.


The utmost parameter in any business industry is Quality. We won’t compromise on quality because customer satisfaction is prominent for us.



We have 15+ years experience in fishing industry. We strongly believe what our customers are looking for & we promise the same.

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