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Murrel Fish is also known as snake-head fish/ Korameenu as its head-portion appears like snake. It is one of the most famous and huge demand fish in the market(India) due to its tastes and basically it is a freshwater fish. It belongs to a family of “Channidae”; cultured in the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. These fishes are widely distributed in Southern Asia such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand & China. Globally, 33 species are identified & only 13 species are stated in India. We deliver Korameenu Live Fish Online in Vijayawada so, before placing an order view our delivery locations. You can directly order from our website or directly visit our store.

Culture of Korameenu Fish:

The binomial name of Murrel Fish is ‘Channa Striata’. It weighs around 2kg & length is one meter. It is identified by its dark brown color with light black stripes over the body. These fishes are well noted for their air-breathing method. They have elongated bodies which are anteriorly cylindrical and posteriorly compressed. These fishes are commonly found in freshwater plains, but migrates to flooded fields and return to water bodies in dry season, where it burrows itself in the mud to survive. This fish is famous in Telangana State for it is being used as a medicine for asthma patients.

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Korameenu Fish Nutrition Value:

Benefits of Korameenu Fish:

  1. By consuming murrel fish it can prevent heart and alzheimer's diseases.

  2. It can boost the growth of skin & hair and helps in the development of brain & eye site.

Korameenu Fish Online Price in Vijayawada (For 1Kg):

Due to its taste Murrel fish has huge demand in the market especially in India as stated above. Even price varies from location to location & season to season due to the less productivity in monsoon season. We have segregated the price in two categories i.e stored murrel fish & live murrel fish.The price of murrel fish in Vijayawada (for 1Kg) is stated below:

  1. Frozen Korameenu Fish price varies from 380-470 per kg/- (approx).

  2. Live korameenu Fish varies from 400-500 per kg/- (approx).

Why to order Korameenu Fish from us?



We believe that fresh water fish without any chemicals is good for your health. So, we always maintain fresh water for fishes to be healthy.


The utmost parameter in any business industry is Quality. We won’t compromise on quality because customer satisfaction is prominent for us.



We have 15+ years experience in fishing industry. We strongly believe what our customers are looking for & we promise the same.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is Murrel fish good for health?

Yes, Murrel fish is good for health as it is rich in iron & amino acid.

2. How much does a snake head fish cost?

Murrel fish prices lies between 400-500 per kg.

3. How can we identify a male murrel from a female?

We can identify