Catla Fish Price in India

If you’re looking for Catla Fish Price in India this write-up is the perfect guide for you. Based on the expert research & analysis this guide will let you know prices and also it will help you to understand why there is huge differentiation in the prices. Note: These are approximate prices all over the states in India.

Procedure: In any business, if the product is reaching to the end-user basically 3-4 players exist i.e Pond Fish Suppliers, Brokers, Wholesalers & Retailers.

Brokers will have direct contact with the suppliers. So, wholesalers approach brokers via call or direct approach to place the order & to know the new prices of the freshwater fishes. So, once brokers receive the stock from the suppliers, the information is passed to the wholesalers to place the order based on the price discussed. Retailers will approach wholesalers for the stock & to know the price. Due to the large supply chain from supplier to the retailer the price of the product increases which it is approached to the customer.

Our Expert Assumptions: Generally, fish prices vary from location to location, city to city, state to state by keeping an eye on whether it is a stored fish or live fish and also whether the customer is preferring offline or online. First, let us discuss the online prices.

Online Prices: Let us discuss the scenario with an example.

Usually when compared to offline, online prices will be high because it includes delivery chargers, transaction charges & service charges. In this case a delivery guy exists where he has to pick the order from the store & deliver to the customer.

Offline Prices: In this case the shop owner follows a popular rule i.e. FCFS (First Come First Served). The customer has to wait for the turn to place the order.

So, to avoid the queue & to save the customer time we came up with an online service in Vijayawada. We deliver LIVE FISH & RAW CHICKEN once the order is placed & the payment is done.

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