How to cut fish head?

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

3 simple steps on how to cut fish head at home:

Basically, we do fish cleaning in many ways. Use a simple technic to clean it before separating the head from the fish.

So, nowadays we are ordering the fish from online we will get separated fish head.

STEP1: Hold a knife and rub the top of the head same as we clean our teeth while rubbing the fish head with a knife to the nostril and the black layer will become out.

STEP2: Coming to the gills part few like taking it entirely out a few may not. If we want to take the gills part out using a knife and cut left and right side of the head and keep the knife aside, hold the fish head left side of the hand and press the left gill in a clockwise direction so the half of the gills part will come out and do the same on the right of the fish head holding the both separated gills part pull those towards mouth separate the gills from the head.

STEP3: And coming to the eyes part as few people like to eat eyes few are not if we want to separate the eyes from the head hold the fish head on the left side of the hand pull the right side-eye out and do the same on the left side as well.

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