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Rohu fish is also known as “Rui” or “Ruee” or Tapra. It is a freshwater fish that belongs to “Cyprinidae” family and genus of “Labeo”. It is a popular fish in India and other parts of the world, especially in South-east Asia. It has huge market demand due to it tastes and served as fried fish in many restaurants & hotels in India. Customers often confuse Rohu and Catla fish as they look similar in shape & size. We deliver Rohu Fish Online in Vijayawada so, before placing an order view our delivery locations. You can order via our official website.

Characteristics of Rohu Fish:

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Rohu fish has a thick body with narrow head & tail. The head is triangulated in shape and weight of the fish is less when compared to Catla fish. The body is covered with full of scales except for fins & head. Scales are in reddish colour except the belly part. Both the surfaces(body & under) are in brown colour but, the belly is in silver colour. The maximum length is 1 meter.

Catla Fish Nutrition Value:

Benefits of Rohu Fish:

1. Vitamin C: As it is freshwater fish it is considered to be a rich in vitamin C. 

2. Proteins: It is proved that fish contains the best protein, which keep our body health.

3. Low Fat: As per the nutrition table which is mentioned above the rohu fat contains only 1gm fat & which is rich in proteins.

4. Bulk of minerals: Fish is a source of minerals. It contains different types of minerals which are useful for our body. Minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Potassium, Calcium & selenium etc.

Rohu Fish Online Price in Vijayawada (For 1Kg):

Generally, price varies from location to location. We have segregated the price in two categories based upon the market i.e. stored rohu fish & live rohu fish. The price of Rohu fish in Vijayawada (for 1Kg) is stated below:

  1. Stored Rohu Fish price varies from 170-200 per kg/- (approx).

  2. Live Rohu Fish varies from 200-220 per kg/- (approx)

Why to order Rohu Fish from us?



We believe that fresh water fish without any chemicals is good for your health. So, we always maintain fresh water for fishes to be healthy.



The utmost parameter in any business industry is Quality. We won’t compromise on quality because customer satisfaction is prominent for us.



We have 15+ years experience in fishing industry. We strongly believe what our customers are looking for & we promise the same.